where to buy lotus tea in hanoi

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  1. where to buy lotus tea in hanoi Vietnam ?

Lotus is considered as a national flower in Vietnam. The combination between lotus and tea makes a special tea that people can’t forget if have a chance to try one time. There are many regions in Vietnam produce lotus tea but lotus tea from West Lake, Hanoi has an unique flavor.

lotus tea in hanoi

lotus tea in hanoi

The lotus used to make the tea must be collected in the early morning, when the dew remains heavy, in order to ensure the tea’s freshness. After being picked, the anther (the part of the stamen that carries pollen) is quickly separated from the flower before it withers and loses its fragrance.

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  1. The Special Lotus Tea in Hanoi

The mix is then stored in a closed environment for two days to allow the lotus fragrance to infuse into the dried tea leaves. Not difficult to find where to buy lotus tea in hanoi . Hihi

Một góc cửa hàng Trà Sen Minh Cường

Một góc cửa hàng Trà Sen Minh Cường

After two days, the lotus anthers are removed from the tea and replaced with fresh ones. This process is repeated seven or eight times over a span of three weeks or more. After this, the famous Tay Ho Tea will be ready for marker.

The tea leaves are very small, dry and crisp. It takes 1.5 to 1.7 kilograms of lotus anthers, or 1,500 lotus flowers, to make just one kilogram of tea. Each batch yields only five to seven kilograms of the finished product. As such, the entire family can produce roughly 100 kilos of lotus tea per season.

For generations, Hanoians have shared cups of lotus tea with their friends and admired the blooming flowers. A pot of lotus tea is associated with love, compassion and humanitarianism. Hey, where to buy lotus tea in hanoi, smile.